Dan Gottlieb
My father, Dan Gottlieb, was a mathematician, a homotopy theorist.
He was a professor of mathematics at Purdue University.
Here is a link to a lightly curated clone of Prof. Gottlieb's webpages at purdue.edu.
His list of publications provides pdf versions of most of his papers.

Ray Gottlieb
My uncle Ray Gottlieb is a dean of the College of Syntonic Optometry and a leading exponent of the Bates Method of natural eyesight improvement.

Rebecca Penneys
My aunt Rebecca Penneys is a world-class pianist!

Mathematical societies I belong to
American Mathematical Society
Institute of Mathematical Statistics
Wolfgang Pauli Institute

Some of my favorite webpages
The International Association of Mathematical Physics
The International Academy of Quantum Molecular Science
Online French, Italian, and Spanish dictionaries: WordReference.com
National Institute of Standards and Technology reference on physical constants
Periodic table of the elements at Webelements.com
Hypertext version of Euclid's Elements
Quantiki: a quantum information wiki
Star maps at Your Sky
A handy go board

In memoriam
Lucien Le Cam (1924 - 2000)
History of Analysis Seminar at UC Berkeley Mathematics Dept. (1996-98)